Workout of the day: 27 June 2020

Workout 27 June 2020 "Medinas" - Treinar em Casa



A) Overhead skill complex* – 4 Rounds for quality
1 DB/KB Turkish get-up
2 DB/KB Windmill
3 DB/KB Overhead squat

*complete a full complex on one arm, then switch arms.

WORKOUT "Medinas"

5 Rounds:

In 90 seconds:
 4 Db Power Clean
 4 Db Shoulder-to-Overhead
 4 Burpees Over a Db
 Max Jump Lunges
 – Rest 90 seconds

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Renato Caetano

Graduate Degree in Sport - Physical Education

  • FMH - Faculdade de Motricidade Humana da Universidade de Lisboa
  • Post Graduation in Functional Training
  • Post Graduation in Personal Training
Renato Caetano Photo