Personal Trainer in Lagos, Algarve Personal Training and Fitness

Personal Training

Tailor made for you

  • At PTR you'll have a quality training made for your body
    • A personalized training where the duration, intensity and the volume of the training are a match for your abilities and objectives.
  • With the trainer's guidance, you'll perform the exercises correctly
    • You'll be able to perfect your body movements.
  • This way, you'll achieve your results efficently and safely
    • With PTR You will feel your motivation grow and you'll be determined to progress.
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  • Improve your General Physical Condition
    • Develop the most important physical capabilities such as strength, resistance, flexibility.
  • Reduce the body fat matter (lose the belly)
    • Reducing fat mass is correlated with regular exercising and appropriate nutrition. Lose the fat mass keeping your energy and strength levels.
  • Muscle mass building
    • Increasing the muscle mass has direct effects on your strength. Strength is a determinant factor for your quality of life.
  • Develop your Confidence and Motivation
    • The PTR training efficiency and simplicity will lead you to succeed. You'll feel the results which will keep you determined to exercise.
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Training Types

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Open Air Workout

The training sessions will be carried out in safe outdoor space so we can encourage the practice, and guarantee the quality of the movement of the exercises that we are going to do. 

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Individual Training

The most focused training.

Various exercise types and the greatest attention to detail

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Pair Training 

Various exercises in pairs.

Share the challenge, the progress and the joy of success with your partner. 

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Outdoor Group Training

Small Groups.

Exercises with two or more people.

Call now to schedule

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+351 910 005 555

Training Location

  • Online
  • Open air training*
  • At the Studio*
  • At home**

*The open air trainings are in Lagos, Algarve.

**At your home trainings in the Algarve cover the Lagos, Praia da Luz, Odiáxere, Bensafrim, Chinicato, Barão de São João areas.

The schedules are flexible.

Contact me by phone, WhatsApp or email to schedule a training or for more information.


Phone + WhatsApp: +351 910 005 555

My practice is more than just a job.

- It's my passion!

Renato Caetano

Graduate Degree in Sport - Physical Education

  • FMH - Faculdade de Motricidade Humana da Universidade de Lisboa
  • Post Graduation in Functional Training
  • Post Graduation in Personal Training
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